Peter Coe - Cabinetmaker.  Peter Coe is a Carpenter, Cabinetmaker, and Furniture Maker in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.


Maggie and Zoe

In 1976, I earned a B.S. degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. Rather than work as a design engineer, I used my degree to get an operating engineer's license for steam-powered ships. I sailed all over the world on merchant ships. Long sea passages gave me more than enough time for introspection and I eventually resolved to pursue a career in woodworking.

In 1980, I moved to rural Northwest Connecticut to pastoral surroundings and a community that valued handcrafted work. I renovated a barn on our property and in 1983 started my own woodworking business.

A lot of things can change in 20 years and my wife and I eventually started thinking about moving. In 1999, we decided that Pagosa Springs would be our new home. We realized our dream when we arrived at our new home with our dogs Zoe and Maggie in December 2000.

Here Zoe and Maggie bag Pagosa Peak.

Rosie and Carly

Now that I live in Colorado, the Southwest has influenced my work. I have built an adobe house and have done a lot of log work - trusses and structural beams. However, I still default to Shaker designs when left to my own devices.

I enjoy working and playing outside in the abundant, high elevation, Colorado sunshine. Being outside on sunny January day is a treat. We enjoy hiking, camping, and skiing in the Southwest with our current dogs Rosie and Carly.

Here Rosie and Carly skate ski with Sue at the West Fork.