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Cribbed Log Ceiling

Cribbed Log Ceiling

This is a cribbed log ceiling in the style the Ancestral Puebloans used to roof their smaller subterranean kivas and the Navajos use to roof their hogans.

The shape of the room is a hexagon measuring 17-6 on the outside of the wall. The first row of logs (18 diameter) rests on the middle of each wall. The next row sits on the middle of the logs below and so on. We cut and set the sills and then took them to San Juan Timberwrights. They used them for layout and did the first eight rows of logs in their shop. That took six weeks. They brought them up to the site and put them in place with a crane.

Each log resting on the two logs below it creates a triangle that gets filled in. We filled in these triangles with 6 vigas. That took three of us three weeks. Then we added two more rows of logs and viga infill.


After the log ceiling was in place we put a pyramid roof over it. There is a compression ring at the top of the roof framing with a polycarbonate skylight on top. The six inch vigas are stacked to meet the roof and there is slip joint between the second and third row from the top because even in Colorado wood changes dimension with seasonal change in moisture content.