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French Provincial Cabinet

French Provincial Cabinet

This is an existing cabinet that I reworked to give it improved functionality and a French Provincial style. The doors with the chicken cutouts were originally without the cutouts and where the drawers are now. The space behind the present chicken cutouts was open. The top was straight without crown molding. The upper section had an overhead tambour door.

I added the arched top, crown molding, arch top doors, moved the doors from the bottom and added the chicken cutouts, installed the three drawers in the bottom section, added ball feet and the curved base.


Following a European style, there are no pulls on the doors. The primary door is opened with the key and held closed with the lock. This is the first time I had done this.

The secondary door is held closed with a slide bolt on the back.

Light Fixture

We used this Decoupage style chicken for the chicken cutouts. The Decoupage style was ideal for a wood cutout. However, this chicken has no feet.


So I went up to the barn and took some pictures of the chickens and got some feet I could use.