Peter Coe - Cabinetmaker.  Peter Coe is a Carpenter, Cabinetmaker, and Furniture Maker in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.
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Kids' Stools

15"W x 10"H x 9"D

Gambel Oak Stool

This stool has five sided legs. Other pieces with five sided legs are the coffee table and dining table. These legs are tapered but not curved because they are so short.

This stool is made out of Gambel Oak harvested on our property in Pagosa Springs. Gambel Oak is a white oak that grows throughout the Southwest in wet areas and at higher elevations where enough rain and snow fall to sustain it. Most of the time it is small and scrubby but occasionally gets big enough to make something out of. Some very old specimens reach several feet in diameter.

Gambel Oak Understory

Gambel Oak understory in Ponderosa Pine.

Hanging Cupboard

This stool is made with Ponderosa Pine from an old stump from a tree that was cut around the turn of the last century when the virgin forests of Southwest Colorado were being logged. The Ponderosa Pine heartwood has so much pitch in it that it can be very slow to decay and some of the stumps are solid enough to use 100 years later.

Pine Stumps

These two Ponderosa Pine stumps have been sitting here for a hundred years.